"Пасхальные яйца" в ASC+T/DSC


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Everyone knows that you can disable ASC+T/DSC by pushing the button...and the warning light illuminates on the ctr dash, right...

...the traction/stability control of ASC+T/DSC will reduce engine throttle when will slip or loss of traction is detected...then will apply the brakes if traction isn't restored fast enough. This is all great and works faster than the normal driver can usually react to recover from over-steer/under-steer...fishtail...loss of control, etc.

But, there are times when this combination can put you in a situation where you're going no where fast. Let's put you on a slippery incline...you give it gas to get going but the rear wheels begin to spin...engine throttle is reduced (to help regain traction)...but the pitch of the incline is too great...so now the brakes are being applied...you're stuck on the incline. You can't move forward because engine throttle is being reduced when you give it more gas AND the brakes are being applied.

To overcome this situation...you really still need the ABS braking to be applied when the wheels begins to spin...but you need the power of the engine to remain...here's the trick (Easter Egg) that isn't written in the owner's manual:

1. Push & hold the ASC+T/DSC button (for approx 10 seconds)...the instrument cluster light will illuminate...THEN...will go off.

2., When the light goes back off...you are in a half-on/half-off mode...where the brakes will still be applied to a wheel that has lost traction...but the engine throttle reduction part of ASC+T/DSC is off.

once this mode has been activated...the only way to deactivate it is to turn the engine off...the next start-up will put the system back in default mode (ASC+T/DSC on).

Unlike the normal operation where you can go back and forth from on to off...this "secret mode" can only be turned on...and will remain on until you turn the car off, then restart.
Смысл таков:
Есть не документированная возможность ("пасхальное яйцо", как они это называют) частично отключать систему ASC+T/DSC , для того чтоб система стабилизации "не душила мотор", т.е. не перекрывала заслонку.
При этом сохраняются функции стабилизирующей системы.

Выполняется это путём нажатия кнопки ASC+T/DSC и удерживания её в течение 10 сек. При этом гаснет индикатор ASC на приборной панели.

Чтоб вернуться к исходным настройкам системы ASC+T/DSC нужно выключить зажигание и подождать некоторое время.